Reasons Why Your Combination Safe Isn’t Opening and How to Fix it?

Even though the number of biometric fingerprints and electronic readers are becoming frequent in the market of safes, conventional combination locks refuse to go out of style. These authentic combination vaults are ideal as safeguard safes for protecting valuables and keeping them secure.

However, even though security is tight, all hell breaks loose when one forgets the combination. Now, 2 reasons constitute an ineffective combination.

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Let’s Check These Out:

  1. Combination Forgotten

Forgetting the combination of safes can lead to unnecessary panic and anxiety. However, the trick is to stay calm and verify matters. If you’re positive that you know the right combination for your vault then contact your provider to verify if the combination was changed or not. If not then another way to crack your safe is to contact a reputed locksmith. He/she will listen to specific noises and vibrations on the dial as it turns. In that way using precision and skill he/she will crack open the safes.

If that is not possible then each safeguard safes contain a serial number at the back of the panel. Now, contact the operator and give this information as sometimes the manufacturer can retrieve the lost combination.

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  1. Combination Dial Loose

Certain times safeguard safes face the issue of dial not rotating properly or being stuck. This can prevent the dial from taking the right combination. Hence, the solution is either to exchange the safe if it’s under warranty or contacting a reputed locksmith to open the safe.

Now, in case, you’re going for the cost-effective option of hiring a reputed locksmith, here is how he/she can help:

  1. Drilling

Drilling involves piercing a small hole in the body of the vault and manipulating an instrument inside to crack open the safe. This process is convenient when there remain limited time and need for minor repairs.

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  1. Cutting

Cutting is usually the last resort as it ends up destroying safeguard safes. When none of the sequences work and there’s absolutely no way to open the safe, locksmiths often use torches to cut open the vault to recover valuables.

  1. Scoping

This procedure is ideal on safes that come with manipulation-proof mechanical locks and glass re-lockers. Locksmiths can pierce a hole in the safe’s body for insertion of a borescope. This helps the locksmith understand the process of opening the safe without major damage.

Now, using these 3 features a trusted locksmith can effectively help you crack open any safeguard safes. Anyhow, in case you have already contacted a reliable locksmith ensure that you have the required information needed by the locksmith to crack your vault. You need to provide details on the manufacturer, size of the lock, model number and tags on the safe.

Once you do, either contact the trusted one or look up online reviews and select a locksmith popular in your locality. Depending on the type of your safe, the locksmith will calculate the estimated time for cracking your safe.