Top Airsoft Guns to Buy in Canada Today

If you’ve recently developed a knack for airsoft then undoubtedly you need to buy the guns that will help you win the game easily. Now, if you’re still stuck on where or what to buy your Canada airsoft guns then you’ve come to the right place.

VegaForceCompany or VFC stock some of the most realistic Canada VFC airsoft guns that flaunt good quality and precision. In fact, this company founded in 2004 features authentic mechanical design and working along with Avant grade performance that makes it a coveted company to pick your airsoft rifles and pistols. In fact, take a look at their best airsoft guns sold by this brand!canada vfc airsoft

Automatic Electric Gun

  1. AVALON GLADIUS BLK(2018ver.)

If you’re considering buying automatic electric guns for your Canada VFC airsoft then Avalon Gladius Blk (2018ver) is a good option. This one comes with an overall capacity of 699/780 mm and weighs 2390 g. Further, its inner barrel is 295 mm and it can be equipped with 6mm bullets.  Its capacity falls under 120 Rds featuring a muzzle speed of 100 m/sec.

  1. Avalon Leopard Carbine BLK (2018ver.)

Another useful Canada VFC airsoft you can invest in is Avalon Leopard Carbine Blk (2018ver.) This one has an overall capacity of 655/755 mm. Featuring an inner barrel of 320 mm, and weighing up to 2305 g this one also stocks 6mm bullets. Additionally, it has a capacity of 120 Rds with a muzzle speed of 100 m/sec.

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Gas Blow Back Rifle

  1. Umarex HK416 Gen2

For achieving the complete sniper feels and vibe the Umarex HK416 Gen2 is another good airsoft rifle to pick. This one overall has 810mm / 889 mm and weighs up to 3020 g. Further, with a capacity of 30 Rds, it possesses an inner barrel of 360 mm while featuring a bullet of 6mm. Further, for more precision, this one offers a muzzle speed of 120 m/sec.

  1. KAC SR16 M4

Last but not the least, another good model for your Canada VFC airsoft is the KAC SR16 M4. This one weights up to 2740 g and overall has 758/870 mm. With a bullet of 5.95 mm it also has a capacity of 30 Rds with a muzzle speed of 120 m/sec.

Well, there you go, why not opt for these following airsoft guns? In fact, visit their website and check out other relatable airsoft products that can help you get a steady win in your next tournament.

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Gas Pistols

  1. Umarex HK45 Compact Tactical BLK

This one comes with 200mm overall with 105 mm inner barrel. The weight of this one is 780 g and can be equipped with 6mm bullets.

With a muzzle speed of 22RDs, this Canada VFC airsoft gun flaunts a muzzle speed of 90 m/sec.

  1. Umarex HK VP9 BLK

Its overall specifications include 185 mm with an inner barrel of 94.5 mm. Weighing almost 743 g the Umarex HK VP9 BLK also hordes 6mm bullets with a muzzle speed of 90 m/sec.

  1. PPQ M2

This one falls under the Umarex Walther Licensed Gas Pistol and has an overall capacity of 185mm. It can equip a bullet up to 6mm and weighs approximately 630g. Its other capacity is 22 Rds and it features a muzzle speed up to 80 m/sec. To find more detail about Canada VFC airsoft click here!