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Ocean Falls is much smaller today than it was in it’s heyday but it is still home to 22 year-round residents and a further 100 summer residents. We are also visited by many boaters each year. The Improvement District is the local government body responsible for providing and maintaining the following services, domestic water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, fire protection, garbage collection and disposal, cemetery, parks and recreation, housing and all matters incidental there to.

Our office is located in the old Courthouse next to the ferry ramp.

Contact information is:
Ocean Falls Improvement District
Ocean Falls, BC
V0T 1P0.

Telephone: 250-289-3813
Fax: 866-216-6514
Email: ofid@oceanfalls.org

The Ocean Falls Improvement District (OFID) operates under “Letters Patent” and a “1987 Addendum” granted by the Provincial Government. There is a group of 5 local residents that act as Trustees managing the affairs of OFID. Currently Ed Backmann is the Chairman, with Dave Porter, Wilf Cartier, Ed Hayden and Ken Maddison rounding out the board. Unless there is urgent business requiring extra meetings there are regular open board meetings every month in the boardroom of the courthouse.

The date and time of the next meeting are usually posted on the Post Office wall several days before each meeting.

29th AGM Minutes – August 20th, 2015

Town Administrator – Ed Backmann
The Improvement District Office is open to the Public in the afternoons Monday through Friday.
The office number is 250-289-3813.

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