Some sections of this new site are not yet complete. History and Activities will get more sections added. The Photo gallery is currently empty but approximately 8,000 photos will be added during July, 2012.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That is certainly true when trying to describe the magical qualities of life in the center of one of the last great temperate rain forests on the planet.

Being a man of few words but many pictures I have chosen to lay out this website using imagery as the main focus with words playing a secondary role. As a result you will find that many pages on this website are more like photo albums than web-pages.

The image above is a page of an album. The rest of the content on this subject is on other pages within this album. The instructions below explain how to navigate through the pages. To explore other subjects [albums] use the menu on the right.

* Instructions for non Flash viewing will be added here.

Many sections of this website contain numerous images. Before the images can be displayed their thumbnails must be retrieved. On slow connections this may take a little time. If you look to the right of [View Thumbnails] in the menu while you are waiting you will get the current download status. Eg…. 34/87 means 34 of 87 thumbnails have been retrieved. At 87/87 the images will start appearing.

As individual pictures load a gray status bar starts on the left just below the top menu and progresses to the right showing how much of the current picture is loaded. Most images on the site are a large 1440 pixels x 980 pixels so you can enjoy the detail. They take longer to load than smaller pictures but are much more enjoyable. I highly recommend using [FULLSCREEN] mode for viewing the content.